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We are a  family own business. Our goal is to serve as a resource to Architects, Designers, Contractors and the General Public offering Custom Shower Enclosures, Glass, Mirrors, and Aluminum  Storefronts.


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Window & Patio Doors:  Replacement / Repair

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Whether you need to replace a glass piece already in your home or you want to replace or renovate a space within it using glass, we can help bring your vision to reality.

Bathtubs Shower Screens
Turn your bathtub into a convenient shower solution without compromise. They provide a more enjoyable showering experience.



We bring you the benefit, each with over 12 years experience. we know exactly what is required, and when it needs to be done. The combined knowledge and years of experience in our shop ensure successful completion and our client’s satisfaction

Looking for a quality and Affordable service for your next project?

If you are considering install a Frameless Shower Enclosure for your bathroom , please call us before you build, we can work with your contractor to ensure that all structural elements are met. We want to give you an enhancing Shower Enclosure that blends into, and compliments  your bathroom.

Sliding Shower Doors
Sliding Shower Doors will add a dramatic effect on the look and feel of your space. Sliding shower doors will also save space as compared to a hinged or pivoted shower door.

Superior Quality

We are versatile, regardless of the design of your bathroom, we can help you make the right decisions and leave you with a result that you love.

Store Fronts
Create the best possible opportunity to welcome your clients into your space with sparking commercial storefront windows and doors.

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Our projects may be diverse but the results are one and the same—on schedule, affordable, and with superior quality and safe. It’s a certainty you can count on.

Hinged Shower Doors
Hinged Shower Doors enhance the view of the tile work of your bathroom. They provide maximum transparency and the largest possible freedom in showering.

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The best part is we deliver high quality work at very highly competitive prices. Contact us for quotation and you will find that prices are truly affordable.

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